Lord, save us from political vegans!

First and foremost, I wish all of you in the United States a happy and prosperous Independence Day! Go out and celebrate it with your loved ones.

You know, I have made this observation before. The far left socialist/communists are the political equivalent of vegans. In my experience, vegeterians are fine eating their vegetables and being happy with their choices. Vegans, on the other hand, are the militants of the food world. Vegans are not happy eating vegetables and eliminating all animal products from their diets and their lives…Oh no. They are not happy unless they are browbeating everyone around them into the vegan lifestyle. They try to force or guilt people into not eating animal products. Some also force their babies into a vegan lifestyle, including mothers not being able to produce the nutrients in their milk that the baby needs to grow. There have been infant fatalities from malnutrition.

In the political realm, the far left socialist/communists take much the same approach. They are not happy doing their socialist thing, they want to force the rest of America, including the unwilling, into this lifestyle.

They look at the Constitution, and decide it only applies to them. You hear them speak of conservatives as racists, misogynists, sexists, and every other -ist they can come up with. They claim milk is racist, as is Dr. Seuss, hoop earrings, mathematics, physics (discovered by old white guys), even canoes. Canoes “reek of genocide, theft and white privilege.” So they want to use the 1st Amendment to browbeat those that don’t agree with them (conservatives and middle-of-the-road liberals), yet they want to take those same free speech rights from conservatives. They yell over them in public forums, they attempt to take those rights away in places like Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, and college campuses all over the country. They attempt to categorize conservative ideals as “hate speech,” which can then be ignored, or better yet, prosecuted. And if someone of color says something unpopular, they are labeled and categorized. Charles Barclay and Kanye West were both painted with this brush. Because they have thought outside of the black box, they are labeled as “runaway slaves from the liberal plantation”, and then called names (“a disgrace to their race,” “oreo (black on the outside, white on the inside),” “uncle Tom,” the list goes on and on) in an effort to marginalize them and minimize their opinions.

They take a similar approach to the 2nd Amendment. Conservatives believe in the right to keep and bear arms. They want to own guns, however, they do not try to force everyone to have one. However, the gun grabbers are not happy not owning a gun, they feel the need to be the moral overseer for the entire country or society. “We don’t want you having this kind of gun, it’s too dangerous.” Or even more disingenuously, they say “you can’t put a foregrip or a telescoping stock or whatever other cosmetic part that we feel makes it look too dangerous.” They nibble at the edges of the 2nd Amendment and try to kill gun rights through death by a thousand paper cuts. Even worse, are the people who say “I am comfortable with guns, but I don’t trust other people with guns.” They are the equivalent of the Hollywood personalities, who rail against gun ownership, surrounded by armed retainers.

The interesting thing is that in 1921, when my grandmother was born, you could order plans for a house, heroin for your baby’s teething pain, and a Thompson sub machine gun from the Sears catalog, and have it delivered, by the United States Postal Service to your house. And yet, there were nearly zero school shootings. Today, guns are more restricted than they have ever been, and you have school shootings on a fairly regular basis. Not the “once a week” or daily shootings that the liberal mainstream media narrative tries to claim, but they are far more common than they were in the early 20th century.

And what’s more, if these leftist/communist/socialists and their social justice warrior brethren decide that you have infringed on their belief system, then they feel that they have the right to attack, either verbally or physically, anyone that dares to disagree. I write this on July 4th, in which we we celebrate our independence from England. A North Carolina SJW says that people should not celebrate Independence Day, not buy hot dogs or fireworks. But what’s more, they are calling for their adherents to crash (and presumably try to ruin) other peoples’ Independence day celebration. Why? Because they don’t like the legally elected President of the United States. They don’t like the voters that put him in office, and they view us as eligible for whatever wrath they choose to dole out. A few examples of this behavior:

  • Using the courts to punish a baker for refusing, on religious grounds, to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple;
  • Throwing a customer out of a restaurant because she works for the Trump administration;
  • Throwing urine and feces on a person because they “looked conservative”;
  • Pepper spraying a person for wearing a MAGA hat;
  • Harassing and spitting on an official for being a Republican.

The list goes on and on, and the rhetoric seems to be ramping up on the part of the leftists. You have sitting members of Congress calling for harassment of employees of the administration, you have social justice warriors calling conservatives racist, while wanting to keep the racial status quo, blacks in the ghetto, Hispanics in the bario, and all voting for the socialist candidates who promise to tax the rich, and give them the spoils. And now, the more out of touch they become from the average voter, the more their hatred for America, and the more desperate and hysterical their rhetoric becomes.

I, for one, have no intention of letting these political vegans control my diet. There are carnivores, and herbivores…And I know which I am…