A Bad Weekend for Gun Grabbers

The gun grabbers’ narrative in America took four punches in the spuds this weekend, even though you probably won’t see it on mainstream media. It still speaks volumes and is worth considering.

  1. Mass stabbing in France leaves 1 dead, 4 injured – Witnesses reported that the perpetrator was screaming allah ackbar. ISIS later claimed responsibility.
  2. Entire Family Of ISIS-Linked Suicide Bombers Blows Up 3 Churches In Indonesia – An entire family, including pre-teen girls blew themselves up in churches.
  3. Four men charged in acid attack in London – Apparently, we had it all wrong. Mayor Sadiq Khan has ordered “stop and frisks” and police have been confiscating scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, and the like. You know, tools that people need to do their jobs. And because all of the other crime in London has been solved (well, except for stabbings that outstrip New York, an acid attack every few days, and so forth), the mayor has also decided to propose a ban on…(wait for it, oh wait for it)…junk food advertisements.
  4. Mass shooting in Australia leaves 7 dead – That’s right, Australia. Poster child for the liberal gun grabbers’ schemes. Example to the world of how to take away guns. “But, but they had a mandatory gun buy-back program…Where would they have gotten guns to shoot each other???”

Here are a couple of news flashes for you, folks. Point one, your gun grabs are not going to work. All they are going to do is to leave the people you least want armed with guns in their hands…Gangs, terrorists, the mentally ill, and the like. The rest of us will be a country full of victims. But don’t worry about it, the police are here to protect you…As long as you forget the fact that these same police organizations and government agencies dropped the ball on more than one shooter. The Broward county sheriff’s office was called to the Parkland shooter’s house somewhere north of 35 times, and the FBI was called on him several times as well. The church shooter in Sutherland Springs, TX, should not have had a firearm, but the US Air Force did not pass on the fact that he was a domestic abuser to the FBI to flag him in the NICS background checks. It would also position the police to abuse their power on a disarmed society. See also, the Sturmabteilung (brown shirts) and Gestapo in Nazi Germany, the NKVD (Stalin’s secret police) in Soviet Russia, or the Stazi in East Germany, and the Venezuelan secret police, for a few examples.

Point two, assault is a behavior, not a device. Calling an AR-15 an “assault weapon” shows your ignorance regarding firearms and also shows that you will shamelessly use emotion to get your way. You cannot call it an assault rifle, because there is an official definition of the term. Including the ability to use automatic fire. Then again, a lot of gun grabbers use the terms interchangeably. In one interview, they will refer to them as assault weapons, assault rifles, and machine guns, which is disingenuous at best, and an outright lie to garner sympathy at best. So given that assault is a behavior, if I throw hot coffee on a coworker, or a rock at my neighbor, that would be assault. And by definition, the coffee or the rock would be the assault weapon. In essence, anything can be an assault weapon, including fists or feet or your noggin, if you chose to head butt someone. Or how about a truck rented from Home Depot? So, gun grabbers and the media, to stop selectively picking and choosing the objects which you refer to as assault weapons. You are trying to force a non-existent narrative that fits your worldview.

Also, please stop calling the AR-15 or the civilian model AK-47 a weapon of war. It makes you sound stupid. I have been in the military, and no one I have spoken to with military experience would take an AR-15 into combat against a formed enemy. Against irregular troops, maybe, but not against an organized army. Give me an M-16 or an M-4, thank you.

The final point is that it is not a gun problem or a knife problem. It is a heart problem. People, left to their own devices, are selfish, self-centered, and lust after their own gain. They would lie, cheat, steal, and yes, even kill if it suited them. It’s not too far of a stretch to find people that would just as soon hurt or maim or kill total strangers around them for no reason. And it doesn’t take a gun. In the first three cases, it took a knife, a bomb vest, and acid. And the fourth case, the absolute poster child for gun grabs everywhere…failed. It wasn’t the gun, it wasn’t the acid. It wasn’t the knife, and it wasn’t the bomb vest. It was the hearts of these people that thought so little of human life, or so little of differing opinions to theirs, that spilling a little blood, or causing a little disfigurement to make a point made sense to them.

In a larger sense, it is the way the norms in our society are being twisted. Extremist views are being accepted, while “traditional” ways of thinking are not tolerated, and those that hold those views are harassed or marginalized. Christians are starting to see harassment in the United States, though it is not nearly as bad as the persecution in other areas of the world, where declaring your Christian faith is a death sentence. However, holding a Christian worldview and Godly beliefs these days in the U.S. automatically makes you an enemy of the far leftist. Your beliefs are an anathema to them, and in some places like California, they are working on legislating a ban of Christian books, up to, and possibly including the Bible, as well as being told you need to “evolve.”

But that’s okay. If the gun-grabbers are allowed to come and take your guns, all of this will work out. It worked out in Nazi Germany…It worked out in Soviet Russia…It worked out in Maduro’s Venezuela. Trust them.

Yeah, right.