Exposing the Revolution

I am Locutus…of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life, as it has been is over. From this time forward, you will service…us.

It seems as if the far left, progressive, socialist/communist social justice warriors have turned into the Borg from Star Trek. As I stated from an earlier post, the liberal writers of Star Trek: Discovery seemed to want to turn the Federation into a Borg-like entity. The racist, isolationist, xenophobic Klingons don’t want to join the Federation? Then we will start a war with them and club them into submission.

This is also happening in our society. If you look at the SJW-types, they claim tolerance, and pretend to accept all viewpoints, there is a huge asterisk on this view, and that is that they tolerate all viewpoints…As long as you agree with them. If you do not, then you are marginalized, demonized, protested against, lied about, and attacked, verbally and in some cases, physically.

So you have the SJWs attempting to fundamentally change the society. If you read the Founding Fathers’ documents, the United States was founded as a Christian country. Then, along came the social justice movement with the seeming intent of setting everything on it’s head, and forcing everyone to conform to their new order. They promoted homosexuality as a movement, then targeted those that disagreed with it. Live and let live was not enough. Gay couples would seek out Christian bakers or venues to cater their weddings, and using the courts to force those that disagreed to either give their implicit (if forced) support, or go out of business.

You also now have the so-called incels (“involuntary celibates”), an online subculture of resentful men who can’t find sex. As a personal side note, this is one of the reasons, I believe, that God only authorized sex within a framework of love and caring. Even a New York Times columnist said that the “sexual revolution has resulted in the decay of human relationships and a underclass of losers.” Last month, an “incel” in Toronto, Canada, drove a van down a crowded sidewalk, killing 10 people, and injuring another 16. A post on his facebook page called for an “incel revolution,” because, you see, incels believe they are entitled to sex with high-value women. This is not about being able to find a wife, someone to love and cherish and spend your life with, this is about finding an object for sex, and a sense of building resentment when they can’t find someone of their standards to sleep with. To use a rampant stereotype, the 30 year old, living in his mom’s basement, with Cheetos-stained fingers who believe he deserves to have a supermodel… And if they don’t get one, they threaten to turn violent.

Then it was the “transgender” movement. Most people know that there are two genders, male, that has an X and a Y chromosome, and female, who have two X chromosomes. But social justice dictates that this has to be turned on it’s head. On one front, a person can allegedly change genders by how they are feeling at the moment. Then, they claim that there are in excess of 120 different genders. But then, they try to guilt the people around them. They claim that hetero people (specifically men, because in the eyes of SJWs, men represent all evils in the world) are “transphobic” because they “don’t want to date a woman with a penis.” Well, in the view of most people in America, a woman with a penis is not a woman. So the transgenders seem have painted themselves into a corner. (Please note that I am a straight male, so my next statement may be talking out my blowhole.) Gay and lesbians are probably not going to want a lover with the opposite sex’s plumbing. And I feel safe in saying that a straight man would not want a “woman” with a penis, and a straight woman would not want a “man” with a vagina. So they entertain themselves by wishing they could take away the freedom of choice, and forcing straight people to date them.

So all in all, the SJWs of the left want to take every bit of your free will and make you do their bidding. And if they have their way, and if they have the government, they will use that to club you into submission. This is why we need to stand together and fight the encroachment on our freedoms. If you listen carefully to the rhetoric, you will hear things like “We don’t like your Christianity, we will take that away from you,” “Your guns make us feel uncomfortable. We will take that too,” “Your life choices don’t make us happy, you will conform,” or “Your masculinity is toxic. We will feminize and homogenize you.”

Your life, as it has been is over. From this time forward, you will service…us.