A note to the angry young Floridians

Darlings of the liberal media? Heroes of the Revolution? Or just Spoiled Brats Throwing a Temper Tantrum and Human Shields being used by the left?

All over the liberal media, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting David “Camera” Hogg or Emma Gonzalez, the new faces of the gun control movement. They were “victims” of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas high school in Parkland Florida. I put victims in quotes because to my knowledge, Hogg, and Gonzalez, both seniors, were not even in the same building as the shooter, who was, according to reports, in the Freshman building.

So these children immediately come out, claws bared, fangs out. Were they going after the Broward County Sheriff’s department, who were called to the shooter’s house 39 times since 2010? Were they going after the FBI, who got and ignored multiple calls about the threats that this man was making? No, they decided that in spite of the Constitution, in spite of the fact that one guy who should have not had access to weapons, but should likely have been in prison, but for the laws that were passed on the former president’s watch that made it harder to put people in prison, because he wanted to break the “school to prison pipeline,” Congress should take away all weapons.

Of course, CNN and MSNBC immediately turned them into rock stars, and Hogg ends up on CNN almost daily. And if you happen to disagree with their position, Hogg will hurl F-bombs at you on his twitter feed, he will just be the nastiest person possible. But make a comment about a tweet that he made, like Laura Ingraham did, and he will scurry back to his “You can’t say that, I’m a kid!” bunker. Dare to disagree with him, and the gloves come off. He will loose a tirade on anyone that fails to fall in line with him, but dare to show his errors in the cold light of logic, and you are “picking on” a kid.

And like many snowflakes today, he believes that your rights end where his comfort begins. Marjory Stoneman-Douglas high school decided that starting after spring break, all students will wear ID badges, and have to use transparent backpacks. After railing against Americans’ Second Amendment rights (as well as harassing people for using the First Amendment to defend their Second Amendment right), he threw a temper tantrum saying that transparent backpacks infringed on his First Amendment rights. So carrying a transparent backpack somehow infringes his right to freedom of speech? How does that work? We have to give up our rights when it makes them feel uncomfortable, but he demands his rights in the way he sees fit.

He is doing everything in his power to destroy Laura Ingraham. Just as he tried with Marco Rubio, the NRA, and Dana Loesch. And their biggest sin? To disagree with him. And just like most liberals, that places you beneath contempt in the “barely human” range. So with Laura, he listed her advertisers in his twitter feed, and asked his followers to pressure them to drop advertising from her show, and then when Arby’s didn’t drop their advertising, he posted the email addresses of the members of Arby’s board of directors…Which he subsequently deleted. All the while beating the “you can’t do that, I’m a kid” drum. And why is it that there is a blatant double standard? Apparently Boss Hogg and company are snowflakes that are entirely too delicate to stand anyone opposing their views that doesn’t immediately change their lifestyle to conform to their nutso ideas. Meanwhile, The student Second Amendment supporters like Kyle Kashuv are repeatedly targeted by leftist reporters like CNN contributor Joan Walsh. When called out on it, she tweeted “Good luck handling your stress.” A far less graceful response than Laura Ingraham’s apology to Hogg.

Hopefully, Hogg and company will learn. If he wants to be an advocate, then he needs to hike up his big-boy pants and if he wants to dish it out, he needs to take it. He called her a “bully.” Well, the only bullying I have observed has been his vitriolic attacks on those that dare to disagree with him. Otherwise, he is just a camera hog who thinks himself more important than he is. David, stop waving your tiny little fist, stop screaming at others for simply disagreeing with you, and get an education. There is more to how government works than you watch on House of Cards. Guns will not go away just because you will them to, and other people will not bend to your will just because you say it is so. And as I have said to your elders before, if you want communism, then go ahead and move to Cuba/Venezuela/Russia/etc…Don’t try to drag us down with you. We prefer things the way they are.