The Perfect Storm of Fail

Another day, another school shooting, and another opportunity for law enforcement to drop the ball, and another chance for the leftist media to sink to new lows and twist the facts in order to push their agenda.

First you have law enforcement, who apparently did a ball drop as big as the New Year’s Eve drop in Times Square. First we found out that the shooter was reported to the FBI multiple times, and they were given information on the shooter’s post on youtube saying that he wanted to be a “professional school shooter.” What’s more, the post (and the call to the FBI) included the perp’s real name. But the FBI has apparently been too busy looking for Russians under the bed and rubles in the couch cushions to remember that the I in FBI stands for Investigation. But this is not new news for the FBI. Similar mountains of evidence for the Ft. Hood shooter and the Boston Marathon bombers existed and were at the fingertips of the FBI but went uninvestigated. Then, it was revealed that local LEOs were called to the shooter’s house 39 times since 2010. All in all, more than enough information to at least be keeping an eye on him before something horrible happened.

So now, on top of the epic failure of law enforcement, the leftist media, entertainers, and policians are attempting to dogpile on the administration and blame President Trump, using lies and whatever else they can get. They are throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. It took exactly 11 minutes for the left-wing media to blame legal gun owners and the NRA (and the shooter was a member of neither group, to my knowledge). They now claim that the shooter was paid and trained by the NRA. First, they tried to run with a 4chan rumor that the shooter was associated with a white supremacist group (most of which are left-leaning anyway). That was debunked by investigators, but the media still tried to use it. Next, the anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety tried to claim that there have been 18 school shootings this year, when in actuality, there have only been 3. (Apparently Everytown for Gun Safety’s solution for “gun safety” is to only have guns in the hands of the same law enforcement that so totally failed prior to this shooting, and their own surrogates, turning our country into a nation of potential victims.) Then they attacked a man who lost his daughter in the shooting because he was wearing a pro Trump t-shirt. Of course, they lambasted and belittled Christian beliefs and prayers for the victims, survivors, and families of the victims. They want to ram their beliefs (transgender, gay rights, you name it) down our throats and force us not only to accept these repulsive views, but embrace them, but are not willing to accept that we have the right to a difference of opinion. Then, there was a woman named Rebecca Griffin, whoever she is, that actually tried to turn the shooting tragedy into a justification for abortion:

Woman puts baby up for adoption, he grows up to be a violent young man who will spend the rest of his life in prison for a mass murder. Tell me more about how abortions are wrong.

Ben Shapiro, Editor in Chief of the Daily Wire news website most definitely put paid to her rabid leftist nonsense:

Woman puts baby up for adoption, he turns out to be Steve Jobs. Tell me again how abortions are right.

Every bad person in history was born. Perhaps across-the-board abortion would be your preferred solution?

So down to brass tacks, as they say. The left wants new gun control laws in place to take guns out of the hands of legal gun owners. They admit that a) the perpetrator committed a mass shooting by breaking the laws already on the books, and b) that no law could have stopped this tragedy (or the church shooting, or the Las Vegas shooting, or the Sandy Hook shooting or the Orlando shooting, or any other shooting. So one has to wonder why they want guns out of our hands. The reason is that right thinking conservatives do not want to live in a leftist worker’s paradise. Liberal/progressive/leftist/socialist/communists want the power that comes from being at the top of the heap, but can’t force themselves on an armed populace, so they need to disarm We the People. They can’t do it legally, because of the Second Amendment of the Constitution…So they are trying to nibble at the edges to make the Second Amendment ineffective. Some have actually said that the 2nd Amendment only applies to weapons that were around when it was written, e.g. muskets. They also claim that the 2nd Amendment only gives people the right to hunt. Well, when the 2nd Amendment was written, everybody hunted, because if you didn’t hunt, you didn’t eat. The Second Amendment was penned to give the People a right to defend against a tyrannical government. Liberals will say “oh, that has never happened.” except there is at least one case where it did happen. And that was the Battle of Athens in 1946, when armed citizens stood up to a corrupt government.

This shooting was a tragedy, and we definitely need to pray for not only the victims, survivors and their families, but we also need to pray for the leftists that are attempting to use this tragedy for their own agenda by falsely accusing and making up facts and muddying the water in any way they can. The leftist media, which has become American Pravda and Isvestia, needs to go back to reporting the news instead of pushing the liberal agenda. That is what they are paid for, and that is what people tune in for. Ask CNN, whose ratings are down 30% from one year ago.

Update, 2/23/18: Well, as time goes on, we are finding out more and more unsavory information from the left. American Pravda^H^H^H CNN held a “town hall” to discuss the school shooting. The televised show was scripted, and basically turned the crowd into a rabid mob calling for NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch to be burned, calling her a murderer, and so forth. Then CNN whipped the crowd up, calling for a ban on AR-15s, as well as a ban on all semi-automatic weapons. Broward County sheriff, Scott Israel tried to blame Loesh and the NRA for the shooting, which she then attacked with facts (like the fact that police had been called to the shooter’s home 39 times since 2010, and that he had asaulted his mother and kids at the school and others, and that he had brought knives to school and threatened people, and that he had been expelled from three different schools), handily debunking his accusations.

Next we find out that CNN is not even trying to report news, as we saw multiple reports of CNN presenters outright lying about the shooting. This includes:

  • Chris Cuomo retweeting a story about a 19 year old buying an AR-15 with no ID and no background check. When the story turned out to be false, he lied about the reason he retweeted it.
  • His partner in crime Alysin Camerotta denied calling (or not correcting someone for calling) Dana Loesch a “child murderer.”
  • Van “Whitelash” Jones lied about the average mass shooter being “under 30, white, and Republican.” Unless I am mistaken, most of the mass shooters and presidential assassins going back to John Wilkes Booth, who were registered, were registered Democrats, Van. Including the baseball shooter last year that nearly killed Rep Steve Scalise last year.
  • CNN “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin hyperboled his way into twisting President Trump’s words. The President said we should consider arming some percentage of teachers and staff in schools, that feel comfortable with it and are trained. Toobin’s anti-gun hysteria apparently decided to spin that as Trump wanting to arm every single teacher.

And then we come to the absolute failure of the Broward County Sheriff’s department. First it was reported that the school resource officer was cowering behind his car while this shooter was mowing down unarmed students and teachers. Then it is reported that there were four deputies outside behind their cars. Then we are regaled with a sound bite of Sheriff Scott Israel saying that there is nothing that can be done to stop a gunman who is “killing people” and committing “great carnage.” Well no, not if you have your deputies hiding behind their cars, Scott.

And finally, it comes out that Scott Israel has been accused of all sorts of under the table stuff. Taking campaign funds from a convicted felon and drug dealer, giving jobs to political supporters, allowing employees to work campaign events, and the like. What kind of person did this county elect as sheriff??? And how many children had to pay the price?