A year in…

Good morning and Happy Saturday my friends!
A year ago, I was cautiously optimistic, and I’m thankful that my optimism did not bite me in the butt. In that years time I have indeed seen things get better for myself, and for the country as a whole. Things that are a direct result of our president, even though many would have you believe otherwise. You simply can’t discount companies saying their actions are due to the tax plan that was passed, and attribute it to a previous administration. I guess you can, but that’d be disingenuous.
I am also quite dismayed by many of the events of the past year by our fellow Americans, our government, and our media organizations.
Let’s take that in reverse. The mainstream media has never before been so negative toward a sitting president. Never. The amount of time the big 4 (ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN) have negative spin added to their stories is upwards of 95% of the time. Up from between 40% and 60% previously. It’s no longer about reporting the facts and letting the people make up their own minds, it’s about driving narrative by any means possible.
Next up is our government. They continue to ignore their duties as representatives of the people. They display blind allegiance to their parties, their pet projects, and those who can help further increase their power. You have representatives who outright say that they are working for non-citizens “full time” while their constituents ask why? Yet they still get voted back into office. How on earth does that happen?
That leads me into the actions of my fellow Americans. This is on both sides of the isle. First you have people screaming about things that have not manifested in any way at all. Mass deportations? Didn’t happen. Mass sexual discrimination? How about the opposite happened. Just look at Hollywood. This is the first time they’ve been empowered enough to speak out against the injustices they are seeing. The anti-LGBT movement would see a resurgence? I don’t believe I’ve seen anything there. Racism? Well, I’m seeing it, but not anti-black or anti-immigrant.
Then on the other side of the isle, I have seen a disgusting amount of gloating. I’ve seen people encouraging divide and sharing their hatred for their fellow man. Why? I don’t understand it. We’re all in this together.
This throws a confusing spin on my outlook over the past year. How can I say things are better when I see so many people trying to divide us from the inside? I think things will balance out over time if people begin to look beyond their echo chamber, but I don’t know that people are willing to do that.
In the mean time, I will personally continue to look at the bigger picture where I can, I will support my country and fellow man in any way that I can, and I will continue to be happy about the benefits I’ve seen by having the president we do.
Here’s to another prosperous and happy year, and to us all coming together to make this country even that much better!