Curing the symptom

It seems to me that the liberal left’s solution to every problem is to try to cure the symptoms rather than the disease, and the further to the left they lean, the more kooky their solution. For instance, in the case of communists, their solution is to outlaw thoughts that don’t fit their ideals. People like Bill Nye think that others should be jailed, for example, for failing to believe in global warming. Or the so-called “antifascist” rioters, who believe they have the right to beat others because they look like they don’t agree.

So when an event happens, it appears to be the knee-jerk reaction of the left to want to eliminate not the cause of the problem, but rather the instrument.

For instance, the mass shootings that occurred during the last presidential administration. The former president would surround himself with the families of the victims of the shooting, like human shields, and demand more gun control. Hollywood liberals with their “Demand a Plan” video, while continuing to make violence (and gun violence) soaked movies. All the while, ignoring many of the root causes for the problem.

I have spoken with several police officers, and the vast majority of gun violence stems from only a few causes. One is the fact that it is politically incorrect to institutionalize those with mental issues. We have turned into a “Jetsons society,” where we are convinced that anything can be cured by a pill. Just watch television for an hour. You can get a miracle pill to cure the symptoms of obesity, ED, diabetes, whatever malady you may be suffering from. So instead of institutionalizing a mentally ill patient, they are given a handful of pills and sent on their way. It is up to them whether they take the pills or not. They can take them, then stop, which is what generally happens. This is reportedly what happened to the Sandy Hook shooter. Add to that the fact that most of these mass shootings occur in gun free zones, areas that already espouse the liberal ideal of “no guns, no how, no where.”

So instead of trying to work at fixing the underlying societal problems, the left blurs the lines, calling right wrong and wrong right, muddying the waters, trying to erase gender, race, and anything else that makes us unique. Not trying to help us get along better, but trying to say that men can identify as women and vice versa, regardless of their genes, or that a black woman can identify as a white man. A black “passing” as a white would have been lynched by these same Democrats 60 years in the past.

Meanwhile, they blame the instrument used to commit violence. First it was guns. Now, because “immigrants” are using vehicles to hurt/maim/kill innocent bystanders, a group of Swedish leftists want to ban cars in cities. They don’t want to vet immigrants coming into the country, they immediately blame the instrument that is used to perpetrate the violence. And then, almost worse than the attack itself, the liberals use the tragedy to push their leftist agenda. In the words of Chicago mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, “never let a tragedy go to waste.”

So what happens when this “ban it” mindset is carried to it’s logical conclusion? Basically, anything we can touch, grasp, hold, or use can be used as a weapon. Thus, they will have to be banned. Knives, rocks, sticks, you name it. Or we could work on the causes of the problem…A far more challenging way to go about things, but has a longer lasting effect on society than trying to band-aid the symptoms.