This is going to be a big mistake…

So, today the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) replacement bill died.

I’m still digesting it. It wasn’t unexpected, there were a lot of clues leading up to this with all of the in-fighting, all of the disagreement of keep and amend vs repeal and replace, but I’m surprised none the less. I’m surprised that after  7 years the establishment candidates within congress were incapable of presenting intelligent legislation that not only stops the massive negative impact of the current bill, but also improves upon the positive aspects. At the very least they could have repealed it entirely to stop the bleeding. That is what the people wanted. The people spoke numerous times, through no less than 3 elections.

Instead, our government, and more pointedly the GOP, has proven that they are defunct. This has been relatively apparent for the past few years, but seems to be getting exponentially worse. They are the reason that our previous president spoke about having a phone and a pen, and they are the reason why there is quite a bit of unrest throughout the country today.

Maybe it’s by design. Maybe it’s because they want the country at odds with each other to keep from having any real focus places on their inefficacy. Distraction can be a powerful tool.

I think that they’re probably underestimating what happened during the last election, and are in for a rude awakening in 2018. As I see it, the people spoke loudly with the “tea party” movement, and started by giving the house to the GOP. The subsequent election yielded the senate. All the while, the GOP said that it was the presidents fault. What they neglected to see, or maybe they don’t care, is that the entire time more and more people started paying attention. Now they have the house, the senate, and the presidency, and the expectation is that they will “get things done”.

Healthcare was a major factor in how people voted. This isn’t a secret, the people have spoken out many times. Think about it, the first loss that came about was after the ACA was signed into law against the will of the majority of the country. It’s with this in mind that I believe their decision to not take this seriously was a big mistake. I believe they will reap what they’ve sown and will be losing seats in the upcoming election.

That is, of course, if they don’t get themselves together and start performing. There is still time. Yes, I’ve talked about the 2018 elections, but we’re only 3 months into 2017 so there’s still time. I’m not optimistic, and don’t hold out much hope. I’ve simply been burnt too many times. Nonetheless there is still time.

Inside of every problem lies an opportunity. – Robert Kiyosaki