I believe you’re wrong, Mr. President…

As a quick follow-up to my previous post, I just watched the president’s statements surrounding the failure. I find it ridiculous to blame the democrats for the failure of the healthcare debacle. This is a failure of the GOP, entirely. There was more than one plan put forward that would have helped greatly, but instead the establishment representatives in the GOP backed the Ryan bill.

That bill, as stated previously, was a travesty. It was known for some time it wouldn’t pass. It’s worth saying again that congress is defunct, on both sides, and has been that way for some time. If nothing changes in short order, the GOP will see the same losses in 2018 that the democrats saw after passing the ACA.

I’m also hugely disappointed in Trump. I feel that he’s rolling over. I don’t care what he says about “letting it blow up”, it’s his job to work for the people and simply placing blame and moving on is the easy way out. That is not how a leader gets things done. It’s also not a “win” for the American people. Very disappointed indeed.