Don’t squander the opportunity…

For the first two years of the Obama presidency, the democratic party had control of the house and the senate, much like the Republicans do today. While in control the only noteworthy accomplishment, regardless of how damaging it turned out to be, was the affordable care act. Beyond that, there wasn’t anything else done. That is, in my opinion, what caused them to lose the house after 2 years, the senate after 4 years, and the presidency after 8.

As time went on there was a lot of hub-bub about obstructionism, when they were actually trying to push unfavorable legislation that the majority of the populace was against, causing their representatives to oppose it. (Yes, I know that was a run-on sentence). The point being that they had tons of opportunity to create legislation that was agreeable to the masses, that benefited the people and the country, and that would have been passed. They failed to do so, and they suffered the consequences.

The bottom line is that pet projects that only help a small subset of the populace are a bad idea. They’re even worse if they infringe on the liberty of others, which many of the things that were being pushed did.

So, now we have a Republican controlled presidency, house, and senate. The President won based on some strong promises that didn’t necessarily toe the party line. The house and senate gained seats. This was all, in my opinion, a mandate that the “status quo” would not be tolerated any longer.

I believe that Trump sees that we need to pass meaningful and unobtrusive laws, and remove laws that are senseless, obtrusive, and go against the liberty of the people. His actions thus far seem to back up his claims.

It would appears as though there are some in the senate who are ingrained in the establish mentality, and wish to maintain the status quo. This will be detrimental to their “party” lead. Unfortunately, they have been re-elected many times (MANY times), so it would seem as though they have no motivation to change their ways.

The house seems to be less of a quagmire, likely due to the more frequent turn over. That’s not to say there aren’t any obstructionists in the house, just that I believe there are fewer and that things can move through the house at a quicker pace.

At this point, America has the opportunity to see a government shed the skin of complacency and act on behalf of the people and the country. It won’t be easy. It won’t be fun. It won’t be painless. What it could be is the foundation for an era of prosperity for America unlike anything we’ve seen before. It will take work and sacrifice, but it would be oh so worth it.

So, I urge our representatives, Republican and Democrat alike, to stand up for America and do what is right and just. Don’t squander this opportunity you have been given, and protect our country and the values of our founding fathers. Uphold the liberty and justice as you pledge to do. Protect the constitution as is your sworn duty. Make the hard decisions. The people, and remember you are one of us, will be rewarded.

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. ― Francis Bacon, The Essays